Adwords & Social Media

Adwords & Social Media

Social media & Adwords – Facebook, instagram, youtube & Google Adwords.

In our experience one of the main reasons why SME’s (Small to Medium size enterprises) don’t get their online advertising right is time. Getting Adwords or social media right can be an extremely time consuming. Trying to manage running a SME and finding the time for Adwords or social media is something that most companies really struggle to do.

The second biggest reason for an SME not to get their Adwords or social media right is skills and knowledge. Its hard trying to run a business and keep up with the latest online trends, knowledge forums and training.

The third reason why a company may fail to get good results from Adwords or social media is not knowing how much or what budget should be spent per month or per day and then not managing it correctly.

STEP! aims to solve these 3 main reasons and possibly more in the following ways:-

  • We will carry out an initial discovery meeting with you, where we will establish which areas of your business you wish to promote online through Adwords or social media.  Also how you want the message to be relayed to your potential prospect.
  • We will then discuss with you which type/s of product/s or medium would be best suited to your needs. Also how much budget you wish to allocate per month, per day etc. This will only take around an hour of your time.
  • We will then set up your Adwords or social media account for you using our years of expertise and knowledge.
  • After your account is set up you can expect us to meet with you every month to discuss the ongoing results and statistics. This will only take around 45 mins giving you the rest of your time to run your business and be successful.

STEP! INTO GROWTH – Social & Adwords Package

  • Initial set up of advertising account on Adwords, Facebook or Instagram. If client has existing account a full assessment will be done (login details will need to be given). 
  • Identify target markets including full demographics (e.g. Age, Geographical Area, Product/s and Keywords).
  • Set budgets as agreed with the client at discovery stage.
  • Produce a monthly statistic and analytics report detailing the results for the month.
  • We will make suggestions on how to make the most of your online advertising at anytime. These will also be discussed at the monthly meeting.       

INITIAL COST PHP15,000 then PHP3,000 per month for a minimum of six months